Civics Literacy for U. S. Citizenship

Tami Belanger 

This class is designed using the process needed to attain citizenship in a democratic society. You will build the literacy skills needed and the knowledge required to become a U.S. citizen. Lessons include how our country was formed, important U.S. texts and governing documents. This class is partially funded through an AEFLA grant and may be taken more than once. 

No cost to Maine residents                                                            

Open enrollment  Sep 5    ||    Wed 9 am-noon

ELL* for Work, Home & Community

(*English Speakers of Other Languages)

Tami Belanger

Focus on language skills found in the workplace as well as home and throughout the community. You will establish career goals, explore workplace vocabulary in careers of your choice, and build communication skills found in all three environments. Students will experience team building skills, how to fill out job applications, basic computer skills, and build a skill based resume. This is a partially AEFLA funded class and students are welcome to begin at any time. 

No cost to Maine residents                                              

Open enrollment Sep 4    ||    Mon & Tue 9 am - noon

Advanced ELL*

(*English Speakers of Other Languages)

Tami Belanger

This class is for those students who have mastered basic English reading and writing skills. Student placement is based on individual writing and reading assessments. Students will set short and long term academic goals that compliment career and employment goals to help guide this student-centered learning environment. Topics are tailored to support individual goals. Course is partially funded through an AEFLA grant. 

No cost to Maine residents                                                 

Sep 6    ||    Thu  9am - noon

Reading for Career and College
Kelli McGlinn

Improve your reading comprehension to qualify for a job training program or college admission. Emphasis is on daily reading, expanding your vocabulary, and learning to identify well-written material. Class activities are tailored to meet your career goals. This class is partially funded by an AEFLA grant.

No charge to Maine residents                                            

Sep 11    ||    Tue 3-6pm

Number Sense
Louise Burns

Whether you are preparing for a college placement test, hoping to understand your child’s homework, or just love math, we invite you to join our math lab where we try to make sense of the numbers in our lives. Anything from fractions, decimals and percents to the applications in the real world will be addressed. This is a judgment free zone where we actually have fun with numbers... and learn at the same time! 

Senior discount: $10  |  Out-of-state students: $80

No cost for NACE academic students                                 

Sep 10    ||    Mon 9 am - noon

Writing for Career and College
NACE Staff 

Improve your writing to prepare for a job application, the HiSet writing exam or college freshman English.  Students will learn how to compose a cohesive essay with unified paragraphs and solid sentence structure. Proper grammar, smooth transitions and spelling will be addressed. Open enrollment so you can join class at any time.

No charge for Maine residents                                                      

Open enrollment Sep 11    ||    Tue 1 -3 pm