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Move your job search or career to the next level. From goal setting, to polishing your resume, even learning updated skills for employment, NACE is here to help you!


Check out the different job and career opportunities below. See something and wondering if you qualify or need assistance in applying? Give us a call!

Day and evening appointments up to an hour are available with virtual options or in person to fit your needs.

For more information on how NACE can help you reach your career goals, please contact our Academic Coordinator Jeanne MacDonald-Johnson at:


Career Guidance

Class Offerings

Reading for Career and College

Kelli McGlinn

Improve your reading comprehension to qualify for a job training program or college admission. Emphasis is on daily reading, expanding your vocabulary, and learning to identify well-written material. Class activities are tailored to meet your career goals. This class is partially funded by an AEFLA grant.

No cost to Maine residents


Jill Smith

This class is a great refresher if you want to upgrade your skills before taking the math exam to enter Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s Apprentice Program, or if you are heading back to college or need additional skills in order to move into a higher paying position. Louise reviews pre-Algebra concepts and then moves forward. This class is a great substitute for a college developmental math class and is affordably priced as it is funded through a Maine College Transitions (MCT) grant.

$120 (No charge for transition students)                              


Job and Workforce Opportunities

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