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Here at NACE, we offer programs for those in need of specific knowledge and assistance — things like English courses for non-native speakers, High School Diploma and HiSET® exam (formerly GED) preparation classes, along with skills courses in reading, writing and math. All of these programs are geared toward helping students pursue a college education, advance their workforce credentials and learn important life skills. ​To enroll in Adult Education classes, students must be at least 17 years old and possess an official State issued I.D.  Individuals age 17 or older must submit documentation that they have been officially withdrawn from high school. 

High School Diploma / HiSET®

High School Credential Programs

We are pleased to offer your choice of two high school credential programs to best meet your needs. Our High School Diploma program allows you to take the classes you need to earn final credits to obtain your high school diploma. The second program is the High School Equivalency Test, known as HiSET®. This set of five tests has taken the place of the GED.


HiSET® Orientation, Rolling Enrollment

Thursdays 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Fall Term:  Starts August 30, Thursdays 9am - noon

Spring Term: Starts January 17th

No cost to Maine residents


High School Diploma Orientation

Fall Term: Starts August 28/30

Spring Term: Starts January 8/10 & January 15/17

Tuesdays /Thursdays, 6-9 pm

No cost to Maine residents

Number Sense / Math Lab

Mondays 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. / Starts September 10

Wednesdays 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. / Starts September 12


Wednesdays 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. / Starts September 12

Independent Study / History

By appointment after September 10

Financial Literacy

Tuesdays 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Starts September 11


Microsoft Office

Wednesdays 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Starts September 12

To enroll in either HiSET® or High School Diploma program,
please call (207) 676-3223 for an appointment
Career & College Prep

Career & College Prep

         College Level Examination Program

                                     Join the 350+ past participants who shortened                                       their path to a college degree, recertification or

                                     career advancement through the College Level Examination Program. CLEP is a time-saving avenue to degree completion, offering thirty-six tests assessing college-level knowledge to validate your prior learning.  With over 2,900 colleges and universities in the United States accepting CLEP credits, you can save money on tuition and reach your academic goals in less time. We offer a flexible schedule in a comfortable air-conditioned space.

Testing is ongoing throughout the year. 

$122 per exam                                            Lisa Smith, CLEP Administrator

Year Round Open Enrollment             Call (207) 676-3223 to schedule

Maine College and Career Access

Maine College and Career Access (MCCA) provides high-quality comprehensive education and advising services to adults seeking education and training that leads to a post-high school credential of value. MCCA, formerly Maine College Transitions, consists of formalized and organized activities offered to provide an integrated program of services that incorporates individual career and academic advising, education and career success strategies, technology skills, and academic programming. 

No cost to Maine residents

Call (207) 676-3223 to register for Fall Session

Career and College Readiness Skills

In these workshops you will explore career options, financial aid opportunities, college admissions and career searches. You will learn college language, visit programs and colleges of interest, hone your writing skills, and gain the confidence and skills needed to enter a post-secondary program. As part of this class you will prepare to take the writing component of the ACCUPLACER test, an admission’s requirement at most colleges. Partially funded through a Maine College and Career Access Services (MCCAS) grant.

$120 (no charge to transitions students)                        Katie Schindler

Sep 12 - Dec 19                                                                                       Wed Noon-3 pm

Digital Literacy Skills 

This lab format allows you to focus on the tools you want to learn. You will learn the basics of Word, Excel and Powerpoint in a self-paced course. These skills will help you prepare for most classes at York County Community College or any other post secondary school. Among other skills you will learn to create a newsletter, master formatting, graphing, creating presentations, animations, transitions, adding audio and video, and reusing slides.  

$120 (No charge for transitions students)                                   Jill Smith

Sep 12 - Dec 19                                                                         Wed 3:30-8:30 pm


This class is a great refresher if you want to upgrade your skills before taking the math exam to enter Portsmouth Naval Shipyard’s Apprentice Program, or if you are heading back to college or need additional skills in order to move into a higher paying position. Louise reviews pre-Algebra concepts and then moves forward. This class is a great substitute for a college developmental math class and is affordably priced as it is funded through a Maine College Transitions (MCT) grant.

$120 (No charge for transition students)                              Louise Burns

Sep 12 - Dec 19                                                                                                                    Wed 9 am - noon 



Civics Literacy for U. S. Citizenship

This class is designed using the process needed to attain citizenship in a democratic society. You will build the literacy skills needed and the knowledge required to become a U.S. citizen. Lessons include how our country was formed, important U.S. texts and governing documents. This class is partially funded through an AEFLA grant and may be taken more than once. 

No cost to Maine residents                                                                 Tami Belanger 

Open enrollment  Sep 5                                                                       Wed 9 am-noon

ELL* for Work, Home & Community

(*English Speakers of Other Languages)

Focus on language skills found in the workplace as well as home and throughout the community. You will establish career goals, explore workplace vocabulary in careers of your choice, and build communication skills found in all three environments. Students will experience team building skills, how to fill out job applications, basic computer skills, and build a skill based resume. This is a partially AEFLA funded class and students are welcome to begin at any time. 

No cost to Maine residents                                                                 Tami Belanger

Open enrollment Sep 4                                                        Mon & Tue 9 am - noon

Advanced ELL*

(*English Speakers of Other Languages)

This class is for those students who have mastered basic English reading and writing skills. Student placement is based on individual writing and reading assessments. Students will set short and long term academic goals that compliment career and employment goals to help guide this student-centered learning environment. Topics are tailored to support individual goals. Course is partially funded through an AEFLA grant. 

No cost to Maine residents                                                                  Tami Belanger

Sep 6                                                                                                             Thu  9am - noon

Reading for Career and College

Improve your reading comprehension to qualify for a job training program or college admission. Emphasis is on daily reading, expanding your vocabulary, and learning to identify well-written material. Class activities are tailored to meet your career goals. This class is partially funded by an AEFLA grant.

No charge to Maine residents                                                                Kelli McGlinn

Sep 11                                                                                                                       Tue 3-6pm

Number Sense

Whether you are preparing for a college placement test, hoping to understand your child’s homework, or just love math, we invite you to join our math lab where we try to make sense of the numbers in our lives. Anything from fractions, decimals and percents to the applications in the real world will be addressed. This is a judgment free zone where we actually have fun with numbers... and learn at the same time! 

Senior discount: $10  |  Out-of-state students: $80

No cost for NACE academic students                                           Louise Burns

Sep 10                                                                                                       Mon 9 am - noon

Writing for Career and College 

Improve your writing to prepare for a job application, the HiSet writing exam or college freshman English.  Students will learn how to compose a cohesive essay with unified paragraphs and solid sentence structure. Proper grammar, smooth transitions and spelling will be addressed. Open enrollment so you can join class at any time.

No charge for Maine residents                                                              NACE Staff

Open enrollment Sep 11                                                                              Tue 1 -3 pm

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